Saturday, January 22, 2011

Commissioned work

My first post of the New Year is of a commissioned painting I did for a friend. Not a Brill, but an older GM which Rick used to own, and hopefully will own again soon. I am including a couple of process pictures to show the steps I go through on most of my paintings.

I always am excited to do paintings of buses for enthusiasts, so commissions are most welcome.

I usually paint in all the dark areas first. I almost always start with a bright orange underpainting, and draw on top of that to begin the painting.

This is at the "almost done" stage. I usually paint the second most dominant colour (in this case a creamy white) as the second step. For this painting, however, I painted the background first so I could see how the other colours were interacting.

This is the final painting: 48 x 36 inches acrylic on wood. Thanks to Rick for the opportunity to paint his lovely bus.